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PJ’s Coffee, Vending & Services Ltd.

438 Gibraltar Drive
Suite 13
Mississauga, ON L5T 2P2

Tel: 905.564.6262
Fax: 905.564.7242
Email: paul@pjscoffee.ca


Water Services

P.J.’s coolers offer cold, fresh filtered water. The benefits to this system are enormous.

  • If your company is currently using more than 4 bottles of water a month, you can save a great deal of money. Some current customers are saving thousands of dollars each year, simply by converting to one of our coolers.

  • Don’t risk hurting your back or the back of your co-workers by constantly changing large 45 pound bottles of water.

  • We use top quality filters. They are the same type that are used by major fast food chains in Canada, (except ours is much smaller).

  • Clear the clutter of empty water bottles that are taking up valuable floor space.

  • The quantity of water is unlimited, therefore you are not charged per use.

To enquire about installing a filtered water cooler at your office or plant, please contact Paul at paul@pjscoffee.ca.