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PJ’s Coffee, Vending & Services Ltd.

438 Gibraltar Drive
Suite 13
Mississauga, ON L5T 2P2

Tel: 905.564.6262
Fax: 905.564.7242
Email: paul@pjscoffee.ca



Coffee and coffee supplies for your office Hot chocolate
Over 10 different varieties of coffees are offered Carnation hot chocolate 21gram X 50 pkgs
We carry several dark, medium and light roasts. Carnation hot chocolate 28gram X 50 pkgs
Cream and Milk Dutch Mill hot chocolate 2 lbs X 12pkgs
10% individual creamers (long life) We also carry Higgins and Burke gourmet hot chocolate.
10% creme, 250ml Tetra-Pak Sugar and Sweeteners
2% individual milkettes (long life) Individual Packages - 1000 per box
2% milk, 1 Litre Tetal-Pak Granulated, fine sugar - 2kg and 4kg sizes available.
Non-dairy whiters. Equal
Carnation Coffee-Mate canisters Sugar Twin
Coffee whitener, 500 gram bag Sweet & Low
Cups and Lids Teas
Full line of different sized foam and paper cups available. From a 4.5oz water cup, up to a 16oz size coffee cup, we carry them all. Tetley - Decaf and Regular
Red Rose - Tagged or Regular
Large line of deluxe Bigelow Teas available
Lunch room supplies
We carry a large selection of supplies for a corporate lunch room. Some items include: 
Butter Napkins Cream cheese Forks Jam
Knives  Ketchup Spoons Mustard Salt
Peanut Butter Pepper Plates

If there is a special item that you are looking for, that you do not see listed above, please let us know so we may accommodate your needs.