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PJ’s Coffee, Vending & Services Ltd.

438 Gibraltar Drive
Suite 13
Mississauga, ON L5T 2P2

Tel: 905.564.6262
Fax: 905.564.7242
Email: paul@pjscoffee.ca


About PJ’s Coffee, Vending & Services Ltd.

P.J.’s Coffee, Vending and Services Ltd., in its current form was incorporated in 2002. As a family operated company, we bring over 25 successful years experience in the food service business to your company. Over the years we have broadened our scope of products and services to include all food and drink requirements that a company may require. We offer full office coffee services and all related items, a full line of high quality vending machines, water cooler, catering, and BBQ services.

Office Coffee

All of our coffees are very rich and smooth. If you have a blend that you like, we can likely find one of our blends to match it!
We offer equipment that:

  • Brews into a thermos
  • Brews one cup at a time
  • Brews into a carafe


Vending Machines

We carry a diverse set of vending machines to suit most businesses.
Some machines that we carry include:

  • Food machines
  • Pop machines
  • Snack machines
  • Coffee machines


Water Coolers

P.J.’s coolers offer cold, fresh filtered water. The benefits to this system are enormous.

  • Very cost effective
  • Top quality filters
  • Unlimited quantity of water


Catering Services

We offer catering and BBQ services. Book your office BBQ or other corporate event with us today!